When I was in high school, my Spanish teacher kept telling me that I should be reading books to the blind, or at the least, I should be working at our high school radio station.  I took her advice and got a position at the station, 88.1 FM, WBFH, "The Biff" in 1993.  I spent a year and a half working there before I graduated and headed off to college where I set my sights on getting a BS in Civil Engineering, so I didn't think much about radio.  Then, during my sophomore year at Ohio Northern University I was working as part of the stage crew for a play and while I was using the back stage intercom system, the News Director at WONB (ONU's radio station) heard me and said she wanted me to read the news for her.  Which led to a year and a half of work at 94.9 FM before engineering course work demanded more of my time.

After graduation, I worked for private consulting engineering firms and learned how to meet the deadlines of my clients as well as how to make sure the product we provided at deadline was what they wanted.  I spent nearly 20 years making sure I understood my clients' needs, and then fulfilling them.  

A change in the engineering marketplace left me at a cross-roads.  And I chose the path my Spanish teacher suggested so many years ago and formed J Albert LLC.  I will bring the attention to detail and client service I learned in consulting to every voice over project I complete.

I look forward to working with you to bring your project to life!